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Custom Aluminum Stamping

Custom Aluminum Stamping
Custom Aluminum Stamping

Project description: Aluminum Cap used in steering system

The aluminum cap highlighted here is an example of a product we produced in high volume here at Penn Metal Stamping, Inc. Used as a component in an automotive steering system, it features close tolerance, thin gauge construction. One of our challenges for this project was developing packaging to protect the cap during overseas shipment to China.

Due to the size and shape of the component, we ran several prototype runs to ensure the stability of our process and to validate that the product conformed to specification. Production involved deep draw stamping combined with a pinch trim cut-off to provide a clean surface on the open end. When completed, the housing featured dimensions of 1.5" in length x 1.0" in diameter x 0.010" in thickness. Our quality assurance procedures involved dimensional gauging to ensure we accurately and repeatably met the tight ±.0015" tolerance requirement for this high volume application.

The narrow gauge construction of these parts made them very fragile. We designed a custom method for packaging these items to achieve two goals. One was to protect them during transport; the other was to optimize the packing density for cost-effective bulk shipment overseas. Although we are a small business in Pennsylvania, the quality of our work has earned us an international reputation, so we are familiar with all of the process and paperwork involved with worldwide freight handling. The aluminum housings arrived safely at their destination in China, and the client was very satisfied with the quality and timeliness.

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Project Specifications

Project Name & Description
Aluminum Cap
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Special Pack
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Overall Part Dimensions
1 ½" x 1" x .010"
Tightest Tolerances
± .0015"
Material Used
Industry for Use
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Delivery Location
Standards Met
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