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Helical Gear Assembly

Helical Gear Assembly
Helical Gear Assembly

The helical gear assembly highlighted on this page was produced completely here at Penn Metal Stamping, Inc. For this project, the client supplied the pulley while we were responsible for manufacturing the flanges and assembling the final product.

We stamped the flanges from carbon steel, which provided the high strength properties required while being ductile enough to be reformed during assembly without losing its toughness. Assembly involved joining one of these steel flanges to each end of the supplied helical pulley gear, which was manufactured from powdered metal. Our engineers developed a method to do this using innovative tooling and a material displacement process on the assembly press. This swaging process allowed us to alter the diameter just enough to form a permanent fit of the metal components. We used an advanced technology control and monitoring system on the assembly press to ensure that the stroke forces were consistent over the entire production run and from lot to lot.

Once we assembled the components, further quality assurance involved various inspections to ensure tolerances were within ±.002". We also physically pulled apart samples of the finished product to measure the forces needed to break the strength of the bond. This destructive-type testing gave the client confidence that the products would perform as intended and avoid the possibility of in-field failures. Prior to shipment, we applied a dry-to-the-touch rust inhibitor to protect them during transport and storage.

We produce these parts at the rate of 700,000 per year, in batches that we turn around on a two-day basis, and the client has since rewarded us with additional business.

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Project Specifications

Project Name & Description
Assemble two steel flanges to end of helical pulley gear through the material displacement process.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Material displacement
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Various Presses
Overall Part Dimensions
2.00" x ½" MA x OD
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
1020 CRS
Material Finish
Dry-to-touch rust inhibitor
Industry for Use
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Pull-off force testing
Delivery/Turnaround Time
1 to 2 days
Delivery Location
Standards Met
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